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Revenue from Local Vendors

Now PTA/PTO can generate revenue from local vendors through ads and promotional offers. Vendors can advertise local deals that will be shared online and weekly distributions.

Revenue from Google Ad Sense

As parents click on the Google Ad bar on the site PTA/PTO get 50% of the revenue generated. No hassle - No effort method to raise additional revenue.

Increased Adoption Drives Revenue

As more parents join and use the platform more frequently PTO/PTA will get more vendors to signup and also generate more revenue from increased clicks on Google Ad bar

Improved Fundraising

As more parents join and use the platform more frequently communicate fundraising efforts and get improved responses as parents contribute seeing other parents contribute.

Safe & Secure

Share with confidence, knowing everything on Bloomz is protected by strict security measures. Each school site can only be accessed by approved members who are school parents.

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