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Collaborate with Parents

This is the place for parents to ask questions and discuss topics with other parents related to their child’s school and academic challenges. Parents are kept up-to-date with recommendations for services such as tutoring, information about summer classes, jobs, and school resources.

Receive Tips and Information

Parents get daily expert tips and articles on coping with academic stress, study tips, college prep and admission. Parents control notifications and alerts such as reminders for SAT/ AP prep and exams.

Connect & Get Support

Parents can join and create support groups to get advice from local parent community to help deal with and overcome challenges related to academics, parenting etc.

Groups & Clubs

Parents can create groups for clubs, specific classes, or a topic of interest. This will help them communicate with each other, increase participation in events and get volunteers.

School Related Links/Resources

Share school related links and resources with all the parents and help create a school knowledgebase. Parent can share and add to the knowledge base.

Safe & Secure

Share with confidence, knowing everything on Parentscircles is protected by strict security measures. Each school site can only be accessed by approved members who are school parents.

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