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Increased outreach to parents

Parentscircles allows PTA/PTO to reach all parents even if they are unable to join PTA/ PTO meetings. The mobile compatible website and app allows parents to stay in touch with latest updates.

Mobile platform & App

Parents can stay updated real-time with all the latest updates, announcements, events & discussions with a mobile friendly website and App.

Direct communication channel

Establish a direct communication channel with parents. Parents register using a link on school site or link in email sent from school. This enables communication with with all registered parents using latest email ids.

Share Latest Updates Real-time

With a few clicks, the PTA/PTO can reach out to more parents. You can increase engagement and interaction as you share the latest updates, send newsletters, and reach out to parents for help with fundraising or volunteering on a mobile platform.

Send electronic newsletters

Share electronic newsletters with parents periodically. This keeps parents updated about all events, fundraising opportunities, promotional offers and discounts from local businesses and other announcements in their child’s school.

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Latest events & activities

ParentsCircles is a secure community for parents to discuss and collaborate on educational issues and common parenting challenges. Parents are able to create smaller groups for clubs, specific classes, or a topic of interest.

Volunteering & Fundraising

Send announcements for volunteering and fundraising. Online signup and contributions along with features like real-time alerts generate increased momentum to drive more signups & funds

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Calendars and Notifications

Get notifications and access to a centralized calendar to help schedule all of your kids important school and PTO/PTA activities.

Safe & Secure

Share with confidence, knowing everything on Parentscircles is protected by strict security measures. Each school site can only be accessed by approved members who are school parents.

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