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Improve PTO/ PTA management!

PTA/PTO members increase productivity through the use of a single online platform for membership management, online payments & tracking, fundraising, volunteering & communication.

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Generate Additional Revenue

Now PTO/ PTA can generate revenue from local business through ads on site and promotions. Moreover, PTA gets incremental revenue from each click by parent on Google ad bar present on school site.

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Communicate effectively

Ensure that parents know about all events, fundraising, and other announcements in their child’s school. The mobile platform and app for keeps parents updated with emails, text alerts. Increase engagement and interaction as you share the latest updates, send newsletters and reach out to parents.

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Increase Collaboration

ParentsCircles is a secure community for only school parents to discuss and collaborate on educational issues and common parenting challenges. Parents are able to create smaller groups for clubs, specific classes, or topics of interest.

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Expert Tips and Information

Experts will share advice on topics ranging from studying and academics, to college prep and admission. You can control the alerts you receive, such as reminders for SAT/ AP prep and exams.

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Safe & Secure

Share with confidence, knowing everything on Parentscircles is protected by strict security measures. Each school site can only be accessed by approved members who are school parents.

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